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I bought the Aunts and Uncles bag: Dan. The bag is wonderful and your pictures are very accurate. Maybe the bag is a bit darker in "reality" but the tone of the color were right. The pictures on A&Us own website aren't that accurate och the brown color have a red-ish tone in their pictures. You send several emails telling me what is going on with my order and that is great when I'm back home eagerly waiting for my bag!! :) The only tiny thing I'm not very pleased with is that even if I choose English as language most of the information is in German. "Google translate" helped me with most of it but I still had to guess sometimes... But in the end it worked out fine. Since I live in Sweden I'm of course very pleased you ship worldwide. The shipping was fast and cheap! And the beautiful wrapping of the bag!!! Small things like this make a difference! You really know the importance of making an effort for the customer. I will definitely tell my friends about you and think of you when I want a new bag. Thank you so much! :)

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